Pinball Update: News on Wizard of Oz Pinball + The Lil JuJu Mobile Pinball Museum

arcadehero October 28, 2011 0

More pinball news to speak of today, first with the upcoming Wizard of Oz Pinball game by Jersey Jack Pinball. They’ve been busy fine-tuning the game for a release here soon, adding more features and bringing the game closer to it’s final form. I’ve not heard if we would get a chance to see the game at IAAPA or not, that would be great but I know they would need a production version ready to go for such an event. Pictured above is a prototype etching of the Wizard in the Throne Room that hadn’t been seen before. I imagine that the final version will light up. Also shared is a redesign of the State Fair Balloon Pop Bumper, seen to the right here (click to enlarge). Then to top it off, here’s a new video of the whitewood taken a couple of weeks ago. No word on an exact release date so far but it looks like it will be soon.

Also in pinball news is this video of Michael Schiess’s Lil JuJu mobile pinball museum where he has rebuilt an old EM pin with plexiglass so you can see in the insides. Pretty neat. (Thanks to Joe for the tip on this one)

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