IAAPA 2011 Pics Part 3

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Time for part three of our IAAPA run-down with pictures. Most of them are from Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report with the exception of the one you see above which is from the Pac-Man Battle Royale Facebook page. On Thursday Billy Mitchell was at the show checking out Pac-Man Battle Royale in both this and the standard version.

Thanks again to Kevin Williams for the following pictures, right after the break!


As ICE specializes in redemption content, and particularly videmption, they had one new piece that involves a popular license – Ice Age with Scrat of course.


Video arm wrestling has come in every now and then in the industry but it’s been a while. Andamiro is bringing it back with Over the Top. You can choose the level of difficulty which will change the character that you face.  

Pump It Up manning the booth.


GVR had a couple of video games there – the new upright Blazing Angels and the Deluxe version of Frightfearland.

Virtua Tennis 4 – I captured a video of this but it ended up corrupted somehow. Sega had two cabinets there. I got a chance to play single and doubles but not the mini-games.  It took a little practice to get the hang of the game for me, I hadn’t played Virtua Tennis before but it’s a fun game and certainly the type of sports game we haven’t seen in a while.

Barron Games

Here’s the awesome QuadAir Air Hockey table. It had a few enhancements over last year, with some extra backlighting in the playfield.


Speed of Light was a big piece that drew in a lot of attention at the LAI booth, I think of it as a modern Atari Touch Me

Coastal Amusements

They had a new videmeption game called Rubiks Cube. It’s sort of a simon says kind of game that uses the Rubix Cube as a base.


We’ve covered this company before, they’ve been a major player in China for sometime and now they have come to the West with a full featured booth and some particular products to show off for audiences here. One I didn’t get a video of was GSpirit Tennis, although I got a chance to play it. I wasn’t able to get permission to film this one, they were a little restrictive about it. But as the game’s producer explained it, they built the game from the ground up and even though the controller has a similar shape and feel to a Wii Remote, they developed the hardware and drivers for it. It uses a large HD screen, cel-shaded graphics and can connect two units for head-to-head play.

IGS and Wahlap have a relationship going on and as such a couple of IGS games were there. I’ve covered one of them, Power Truck. Another one was at the show called Speed Driver 3. This is a technical racer that has a sweet array of options. There is a four way directional pad on the console for adjusting options like the top speed, acceleration, grip and handling, car color, etc. Like Power Truck there are a few different modes of play to choose from such as Story Mode,  Battle Mode, and Time Attack. Each car you select has particular drivers associated with it and of course each car has different stats. As it uses a card system it also features an experience/leveling system you can use to track progress.


AquaRace 4D was on hand. I didn’t get a chance to play it this year but they did change the cabinet up from last year and the software was enhanced too from what I could tell. The 3D looked smoother from my observation as well as it no longer has the interlaced lines I saw last time.

X-Rider, Simuline’s motion ride theater unit.


Next up is a video game at the UNIS booth, which is a follow-up to their racer they showed last year called Crazy Speed. The new one is Crazy Speed 3D as seen below.

Also at the UNIS booth in terms of a video game was one for kids – Mighty Moto.

5D Theaters

Numerous companies have motion theater products to sell and one direction they are moving is is interactive rides, that involve something like a light-gun.

First up is Alterface which is based in the Netherlands. Their Gamebox 5Di offers 9 seats to ride on and a light-gun to shoot at the screen. We got to play a prototype game where you blast hordes of zombies in some sort of futuristic industrial complex. As it was a prototype not everything was perfect but it gave us a good idea of how the machine works.


TrioTech had a large booth with an XD Theater, the new XD Dark Ride and their Typhoon dual seat ride game.


I didn’t personally come across this one but Kevin tells me that they are a Korean company that are just getting started in the 5D arena.

Golden Dragon

They had a couple of racing games including their 3D racer Topspeed City, Super RS Speed and the full cabinet for Friction.


Every time I passed by this booth, this game was being played, Dinosaur Century. We’ve seen these games dozens of times when we report on Chinese shows and this is the first time I’ve seen one in person. The game itself is strange – hordes of animals crowd the screen walking or flying along and you have to blast them for points. You get the most points for taking out large dinos like the T-rex. You aim with a joystick and have multiple weapons to cycle through. I actually think it would make more sense and be more fun with a trackball, maybe in a Missile Command sort of way by looking at how the game works. But as it doesn’t work like that, it is what it is. One thing striking about it however(not that you could tell from a still pic and I didn’t capture a video of it) is that the graphics are surprisingly good – high resolution with good color, lots of objects on the screen with no slowdown.

Next to Dinosaur Century was a ball throwing game, which is what we have seen before but the game itself looked really good, it features mini-games with a penguin theme. Graphically it was very sharp so no complaints there.

They also had a pair of Super Street Fighter IV cabinets


This company we have covered in the past and there is one game they had in particular worth mentioning. Unfortunately most of their equipment was a copy of something else, with this exception. Called Pong Pong Table, this is a kind of Breakout/Arkanoid game where you use a sliding controller to move the paddle left to right.

And to finish it off, a robofish that can swim in water. Nothing to do with coin-op but a nice way to finish off the IAAPA coverage.

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