Sega testing sequel to Card Gen; Wangan 4 out in Japan today

arcadehero December 12, 2011 0

More arcade news from Japan today, first from Sega. This is an unusual case – originally back in 2009 Sega first debuted a new concept called Sega Card Gen MLB 2010 at a US trade show known as AMOA 2009. It was a baseball game that combined a touchscreen with specially designed baseball cards the machine would vend. You would place them in brackets to set particular players in a spot. The unique game was subsequently tested in Chicago but it failed miserably, ultimately leading to it’s cancellation until the end of last year when it suddenly appeared on location test in Japan. It did well enough there that Sega released it in limited quantities and it now has a sequel – Sega Card Gen MLB 2011  – being tested out in Yokohama, Japan. So far it is hard to tell what differences the new version will offer aside from a new player roster but they are testing out the use of older player cards on the machine. Here is the official Card Gen ’11 website. Some pictures of the new cards are here.

Next up is a game we’ve had a few inquiries about as we’ve covered it a few times previously, Namco’s new Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4. As of today, it’s now available to play in Japan. No word yet on whether Namco will be bringing this over West or not, we’ll have to stay tuned to the Western trade shows, EAG 2012 in the UK and Amusement Expo 12 in Las Vegas to find that out most likely.

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