Newsbag: DNA Conference Moves Date; Darius Burst goes to iOS, Sound Voltex Booth release

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Newsbag: DNA Conference Moves Date; Darius Burst goes to iOS, Sound Voltex Booth release

I know posting has been inconsistent lately and I end up doing these variety posts but that will change shortly as I have completed moving my own arcade and I should be opening my doors this morning. I will have to do a post about the experience which has eaten up my time over the past month.

In the meantime here is some of what has been going on in the arcade world.

DNA Conference Changes Dates

The Digital Out-Of-Home Interactive Entertainment Network Association, or DNA for a shorter way to get that out, is still on-track to hold their first conference in North America this year, but the date has changed from April 26th to May 15th instead. It will be held at the USC Davidson Conference Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. It will be dealing with the next-generation of arcade games and much more, check out the press release below for the details.

[Stinger Newsfeed 1158] Taito is releasing a port of Darius Burst to iOS enabled devices. Whether it’s based upon the PSP Darius Burst or Another Chronicle is unknown, although even if it was a direct AC port there is really no way to compare the arcade cabinet experience to a hand-held device, especially on this game. Details @ (they even gave us a link to our AC coverage).

[Stinger Newsfeed 1159] I knew about this next piece of news in advance as Konami was building up to it with Twitter but they have another Bemani game coming out in  Japan that will probably only ever be found on rare occasion outside of Asia, Sound Voltex Booth. Details @

We should have some EAG coverage popping up any time now, stay tuned.


Now for the DNA Press Release:

[Los Angeles, USA, 19 January, 2012] Entering the new year and big developments for all in the Digital Out-of-Home entertainment sector – these have been reflected by the announcement that the first DNA US Conference 2012 has had to change its date from April to Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 – the new date to accommodate the explosion of interest in this ground-breaking event, taking place at the USC Davidson Conference Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. 
The DNA US Conference 2012 to be held for the first time in Los Angeles (“Entertainment Capital of the World“), on May 15th, 2012, at the prestigious University of South California (USC) Davidson Conference Center, part of the extensive university complex – the venue making available additional space to accommodate the increased interest in this event. Supporting the new May date – the DNA US Conferenceannounces that it has added a brand new Half-Day event (Wednesday, May 16th, 2012) that will see the conference move to a venue that will offer attendees a glimpse of a leading edge immersive entertainment venue, and also a chance to experience innovative interactive experiences first hand.The conference also welcomes the support of a number of high-profile presenters who will be speaking at this inaugural US event. The conference organizers are proud to reveal Christopher Stapleton will present the event’s keynote. He is a self-styled Creative Venture Catalyst for Simiosys Real World Laboratory, and published author on innovative experience design. He is focused on transforming what he has labeled the ‘User eXperience’ (UX) in all aspects of work, play, shopping, and learning.


Chris’s extensive background includes stints as an experience developer for NASA’s Mission: LEAP Space STEM project; Entertainment Consultant for Canon Inc. Mixed Reality research; a Show Producer / Attraction Designer for Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Dubailand; a Production Designer for Nickelodeon Recreation & Paramount Parks; Experience Design Consultant for Disney Imagineering, Concept Designer for Walt Disney World Entertainment. Chris will be presenting at this groundbreaking conference his visionary thoughts on the growing impact of hybrid real/physical experiences on leisure facilities.

The jam packed conference program will feature major topics shaping the out-of-home entertainment sector and its future discussed by influential and well placed executives – some of whom will be speaking for the first time in a conference of this kind. Moderators for these sessions will include Harold Tan of the Immersive Technology Association, Randy White of White Hutchinson Leisure, and Kevin Williams, of KWP (founders of the DNA Association). These important sessions will cover:


Program Schedule (May 15th, 2012)  1.The Next-Generation Arcade!
-the Internet and mobile media have opened up key new opportunities for games in arcades, cafes, and other leisure facilities.What has been the impact of Internet gaming systems/services, social media, and other new technologies on traditional arcades and location-based entertainment centers?2. Interactive Laser Experiences in Leisure Facilities – the Next Era
-interactive laser experiences have evolved considerably from basic laser tag games.This session will examine the growing impact of next-generation interactive laser experiences in amusement parks, museums, and other leisure facilities.3. New Models of Interactivity in Movie Theaters 
-a new wave of interactive experiences is set to dramatically transform movie theaters, including interactive games, interactive ads, interactive trailers, and special focus group testing of movies in theaters.This session is aimed at assessing the impact and viability of these experiences.

4. Riding the Wave of Gesture-based experiences in leisure facilities 
-gestural experiences in amusement parks, museums, and other leisure facilities are rapidly expanding in scope and are offering more intuitive and engaging user experiences.This session will examine the prospects for gestural experiences, and discuss the significance of the growing convergence of gestural and mobile technologies for leisure facilities.

5. Augmented Reality’s Next Stage in Leisure Facilities 
-mixed reality and augmented reality experiences have started to emerge in amusement parks and other leisure facilities. But are they simply novelties or will they really become common in the near future?

6. 3D Interactive Experiences in Public Places 
-Ready for Takeoff? 3D interactive experiences are infiltrating a wide range of leisure facilities. But what impact are they having in the market and what are the key factors affecting their success?

7. Maximizing Social Media in Leisure Facilities 

-social networking is playing an increasingly important role in the digital out-of-home market, creating key new user interaction, entertainment, and marketing opportunities, and helping leisure facilities reach new audiences.

8. Leveraging Hybrid Physical/Virtual Experiences in Public Places 

-blended in-home and out-of-home interactive experiences are destined to completely transform the digital out-of-home market, opening up a wide range of new entertainment and marketing opportunities, including hybrid games, blended real/virtual billboards, and multi-level interactive shopping experiences.

NOTE – A full roster of moderators and presenters for these sessions will be posted soon on the DNA US Conference website presently.

– Ticketing To accommodate the increased level of interest, the organizers have updated ticket availability to ensure the largest opportunity for those interested to support and attend this conference :

DNA US Conference 2012 (May 15-16, 2012)
Including the One and a Half-day Conference, and ticket only VIP Evening Social Reception that will be held at the recently opened  Frag’d Media’s ‘1835 Social Club’ in LA, offering social gaming.


Conference Admission Fees :
$499- up to Feb. 29 (Early Bird)    

$599- from Mar. 1 to May 1    

$675- from May 2 -16

Registration and additional information online – go to :

In the build-up to the DNA US Conference 2012 in May, event organizer and DNA Association founder Kevin Williams has agreed to present a number of ‘DNA Workshop’ presentations, offering an overview of developments in the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment sector before the California main event. The first will be supporting the Foundation Entertainment University, co-located with the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, during March 12-16 (‘Entertainment – Now and Towards the Future‘) – and then during April 16-17 at the Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure (DEAL) Seminar Program, in the UAE; the DNA organizers are working hard to promote the sector and get the word out about this profitable and growing industry.

For further information on Support and Sponsorship opportunities or details about the conference, please contact:

Michael Mascioni (Project Manager)
The Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Network Association (DNA) Conference is an international seminar for the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DOE) sector – covering manufacturers, suppliers and operators of Video Amusement, Interactive Digital Attractions & Simulators, Content Provider, Digital Kiosks, ExerGaming, KidTainment / Videmption, Digital Hospitality, RetailTainment and EduTainment. The conference is part of the DNA Association, operated exclusively by KWP for the ground breaking organization representing those working in this sector.

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