Namco’s Virtual Arcade App for iOS

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Namco’s Virtual Arcade App for iOS

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News in the real coin-op space has been a bit slow for the past week so this leads us into the territory of something related to the business. Namco has not been a stranger to creating mobile apps and they have announced a new app for iOS that gives you a virtual Namco arcade gameroom in your hands. Called Namco Arcade, you can pick from a few different classic Namco arcade games and either play it once for free per day,  purchase 10 Play Coins for 99¢ to insert into the machine to play them as long as you have coins or buy the machine outright. As such this model of the play coins fits into real microtransactions (not so-called microtransations you often see on game consoles where “micro” somehow amounts to a few dollars) and keep in step with the arcade spirit of the games.

Of course one question could be how does it control – I know with the few apps I have tried on my Kindle Fire, I haven’t been too thrilled with games that try to mimick a joystick/button interface on the touchscreen.  As you can see from the picture above, the buttons look to be a little too large but perhaps it appears differently on your device.

For those interested, more info can be found here @ the iTunes App Store

UPDATE: Joystiq states that Coastal Amusement’s arcade version of Sea Wolf is also coming to the iOS.

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