Tiny News Bundle Of the Day: Loctest video of new Dodonpachi, yet another toddler in a crane

arcadehero February 7, 2012 2

Combining two short stories into one, first, let’s start off with Dodonpachi Saidaioujou location test footage. Multiple videos are on this thread at Arcade Otaku but this one isn’t sideways. The game looks pretty sleek, there is a little slowdown at a few points but perhaps they will resolve that. One interesting thing is the way the ship slightly turns, it keeps fooling me into thinking this has something like a rotary controller on it. Such an addition could make for an interesting/unique control scheme, although it would work better for something more along the lines of Time Pilot than a vertical shmup like this one.

Next story: Newsfeed 1168 via The Stinger Report


When I saw this story, I first thought “This is still happening out there?” and the answer is yes. We’ve done stories on this before and they are always the same thing so no surprises are in store. I would otherwise overlook it if there was some decent news coming along but we’re still in the early year slump. Fortunately as usual, the child in this story makes it out just fine, in fact in this case the child crawled back out on the offer of a toy, as opposed for everyone waiting for the machine operator to show up.

Article @ The Sun

UPDATE: I was thinking about it and I figure now is a good time to mention progress on the book I am writing. Life has kept me from really completing it which I probably should have done by now but I have made good progress – an introduction is complete and longer than I thought it was going to be but I have rewritten parts of the first two chapters a few times as I fine tune them to my liking, covering certain aspects of the modern arcade industry as I see them, with a little flashback to the past. I spend a little time on the game crash of ’83 but that’s not a primary focus. Hopefully before too long I’ll have an excerpt I’m happy to share with everyone from it.



  1. masterLEON February 7, 2012 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    That’s just how the satellite options work with the ship he chose. Move right, the options rotate right and vice versa. The slowdown should be intentional, too. I think it depends on the counter combo meter and if you’re tapping the shot or laser as opposed to holding the button down, your movement and the bullets slow down.

  2. Iggy February 13, 2012 at 12:18 am - Reply

    The slowdown’s intentional, meant to give the players enough time to react when the screen becomes 99% bullets. I don’t recall playing any cave games without slowdown. They pay special attention to emulate it when doing their ports as well, and hardcore players will notice if the slowdown is off in one.

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