Arcade Retro Throwback Cereal Boxes At Target

arcadehero February 13, 2012 0
Arcade Retro Throwback Cereal Boxes At Target

When I was a kid I enjoyed breakfast cereal just like anyone else and I have a couple of memories of the cereal boxes back then. I remember this E.T. cereal and these weird Nintendo cereal boxes that were half-and-half, with two bags of cereal inside of them for two different NES games. I was too young to remember any with an arcade theme though if any were done.

That problem is now solved thanks to General Mills, Atari and Target teaming up to create new Totally Awesome Throwback cereal boxes that celebrates Atari’s 40th anniversary this year. The back of the boxes will have a game for kids to play based upon one of Atari’s classic arcade titles and some Atari trivia. Too bad Atari isn’t planning on some sort of arcade cabinet release to celebrate their 40th and instead are relying on the iPad arcade device they have. Anyways, you can only find these boxes at Target stores and it covers the following cereals: Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They are a limited edition item and will only be available until March. In the meantime you can also play Centipede online and learn more about the prize giveaways involved with this promotion @

Here are a couple of pictures of the backs as posted to the KLOV Forums:

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