Atari Trivia #3 plus More Atari Promo Videos

arcadehero June 18, 2012 0
Atari Trivia #3 plus More Atari Promo Videos

We’re fast approaching June 27th, the official day that Atari was founded 40 years ago. Leading up to that I published a history on Atari’s Arcade Prototypes and here is the next Atari Trivia quiz, mostly dealing with their arcade games from the 90s.

[pinnion id=3132]

In case anyone is interested, a video about the making of Primal Rage. I’ve only come across this once in arcades myself, otherwise I’ve spent some time on it with the Atari Jaguar CD version which was a good port. I never have been really adept at the game though.

An Atari commercial from 1981 that covered their three major divisions

And finally some more promos for Atari’s arcade titles

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