Link Round-up: Retro Gaming and The Act iOS

arcadehero July 3, 2012 0
Link Round-up: Retro Gaming and The Act iOS

The Stinger Report has sent along a few different newslinks which I have needed to share since they aren’t going to post themselves. This will comprises Stinger newsfeeds 1217-1219. For those new to the site, The Stinger Report is a free online newsletter that covers the amusement/digital out-of-home entertainment sector, they send us news links often to which I then share my thoughts on the linked story.

First up from Ars Technica, an article that covers some of the various AT writers’ favorite classic arcade games. I’ve had quite a bit to share on retro arcade games lately so I don’t really have anything to add at this point. I was interviewed by a writer from Ars Technica yesterday about CRT monitors so that will probably be up before too long.

Next up is news that we mentioned here a while back, the arrival of the prototype arcade game The Act to iOS devices(Gamasutra article). As we are a website that covered that game back when it was in testing and through its cancellation, I’ve noticed an uptick of traffic from people looking for info on that game, including more views and comments on my Youtube videos about it. Here’s the first article we ran about it back in 2007, and my look at the kit when I got lucky and nabbed one. Since the cancellation only my place in Utah and Arcade Odyssey in Miami, FL have had one and it has shown up at the annual California Extreme event. It’s great that people have a chance to play this unique game en mass but time will tell whether it will lead to more plays of the arcade version I have at my own place. I also was interviewed about this game recently by Polygon, which I also imagine will be up before too long.

Finally back to retro game news, Escapist Magazine is holding an expo from September 14th-16th in North Carolina and as a part of that expo they have worked out a deal with the American Classic Arcade Museum to provide a retro game room of 25-30 coin-op arcade games for expo visitors to play and show off on (which arcades are perfect for). More info here.

Being the 4th of July tomorrow I’m not sure how much news we are going to see the rest of the week but I will be scouring for any. I am still waiting for pictures on two new locations that are open or close to open to provide a report on so those will be along any time now.

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