London’s New Arcade – ‘Star Attraction- Family Fun Center’

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London’s New Arcade – ‘Star Attraction- Family Fun Center’

Since the unexpected closure of the Funland at the Trocadero, that left a hole in the heart of many fans who spent time being entertained by their excellent selection of games there. Kevin Williams takes a look at what is happening now near the space – obviously someone realizes the potential for amusement in the area and are not giving up on the idea completely.


Kevin Williams:

The city of London’s Trocadero (retail and entertainment space) has regained an amusement presence of sorts to try and build some Olympic revenue – the site part of Piccadilly Circus, probably the busiest location in London (if not Europe).

The facility has been in status since the closure of the whole Funland entertainment environment (including the closing of the two floors of arcade machines, bowling lanes and bars during October 2011). All traces of the iconic ‘Rocket’ escalator, (left over from the SEGAWorld facility (96-99)), has been recently ripped out leaving a hole in the core of the facility – cutting the Funland space totally adrift.

The Stinger Report has been keeping an eye on the site when passing through London – sadly it has been obvious that the amusement machines locked behind the shutters of the two floors of the Funland space were involved in some kind of dispute regarding ownership and unpaid rents. While the Troc owners paid lip-service to the entertainment element of the site with a lasertag space (Star Command) on the second level, and the odd cabinet plumed in round the open area of the Troc – recently a space has been set-aside on the basement level with a number of machines placed including a 4D theater and interactive 5D attraction (5D World London).

But all things changed recently with the appearance of the Star Attraction space, using the basement level and loading bay, an area has been eked out to allow some amusement machines and a bumper-car track to be placed. A poor-man’s amusement venue with little imagination this seems to have been placed to try and make some money from the increased visitation to the area during the Olympics.

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How permanent this space will be – and if the venue will retain amusement machines following the completion of building work to transform the site into offices and hotel space – are equally as unclear; this space representing the second largest amusement space to the County Hall Namco Station. Getting details of the operator, and the situation of the remaining machines and final disposition impossible to ascertain from the very closed moth site owners.

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  1. Meng August 27, 2012 at 10:30 am - Reply

    Worth noting that unless it was for one day only, the DDR Fever machine (in picture 4) is on freeplay mode

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