Tilt Studio FEC Opening Soon In Joplin, MO

arcadehero October 30, 2012 1
Tilt Studio FEC Opening Soon In Joplin, MO

(Thanks to Jordan Fredrick for the tip)

The year is in the final quarter but we are not out of new locations to report on yet. In fact we usually get an uptick of those stories when we approach the end of any given year so I am sure this will not be the last in this regard. Out in Joplin, Missouri USA a new FEC facility is in the works and will soon be opening their doors to the public called Tilt Studio Joplin. This would be under the brand known in the US as Tilt, which operates a number of locations in malls and other routes although I had not been aware of full-sized standalone FEC locations like this until now. As one expects with an FEC, this will have plenty for patrons to do – laser tag, bowling, kiddie rides, indoor roller coasters, mini-golf and of course, an arcade. I have not found an exact list of games that they plan on having there but from what I have caught from some of the photos they have posted online, you can expect to find games like Let’s Go Jungle, Harley Davidson: King of the Road, Sega NASCAR, Daytona USA, Crusin’ World & Exotica, a version of Pump It Up, House of the Dead 4 Super Deluxe, GHOST Squad Deluxe, and a Silent Scope, among many others. They will also have a decent selection of redemption games from the looks of things. They might also end up getting ReRave as well, judging by the constant inquiries fans are making for the game on their Facebook page. 🙂 Not that there is anything wrong with that, as often the best way for a location to know what the players want is for the players to speak up about it.

They are aiming to open on November 12th, which will be the week IAAPA kicks off so its right around the corner. We wish them the best of luck in the new endeavor!

[Tilt Studio Joplin Facebook Page]

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