From IAAPA: Jersey Jack Booth, New ReRave Cabinet

arcadehero November 13, 2012 0
From IAAPA: Jersey Jack Booth, New ReRave Cabinet

The IAAPA trade show in Orlando, FL kicks off this morning and with that we will get a lot of information from what is there over the next few days. I will not be there until tomorrow evening unfortunately but there is some information out there for us to enjoy before I get a chance to get some hands-on time with all of the new items to see.

Jersey Jack Pinball

They have been sharing some pictures of their booth, which includes some Yellow Brick Road carpet and 8 Limited Edition Wizard of Oz machines. On top of that they have shared a video showing how the crystal bay toy works which is very cool – it is pretty much a second display to the game which features full color and animation(video found below the pics)

Step Evolution

ReRave has a new cabinet and it has a nickname, which they have christened it as “Rosey”, seen below as per their Facebook page. There is less cabinet material to see, probably bringing the weight down and also as a result you have something less bulky. I am curious to find out how this will affect the price, we should know soon enough!

Stay tuned for much more!

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