Results From The Big Buck World Championship 2012

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Results From The Big Buck World Championship 2012

Ok so this news isn’t exactly on time as the Big Buck World Championship 2012 event took place back on November 9th and 10th in NYC. But there is plenty in the way of media to share no so let’s get to it.

The Champion was Chris Fream of Minnesota taking away the Grand Prize of $15,000. For the Ladies Tournament the winner for a second year in a row was Sara Erlandson, also from Minnesota who won $5,000. I can see why the first Big Buck units were shipped to MN, as Big Buck is serious business there. If you want to see the full leaderboards, go here. Congrats to the winners! I could probably write more about it but I think the turkey from yesterday is still in effect to some degree so I’ll let some photos and the press release do the rest of the talking since they are ready to go anyways.

Good opportunity to show off some of the other arcade games Play Mechanix or Raw Thrills makes (Dirty Drivin’ over on the left)

The line to get in and its not even a Japanese location test, harhar.

The units before the storm. I imagine that they spent a bit of time calibrating these in advance.

And for the press release to fill you in on the rest of the details:

Big Buck World Championship – Relive the moments!

The World Championship, as usual, lived up to all of the hype. Players came in from across the country, played a ton of Big Buck HD, won over $50,000 in prize money, and drank the bar out of beer. That’s right, there was not a drop of beer to be had when these guys and gals were finished. And as I was told by the Altman Building, the Big Buck World Championship was the highest drinking crowd they’ve ever hosted…so congratulations on that…I know I did my part.

So of course you’ve all been waiting to see the photos of such an epic weekend including Sara Erlandson from WI taking her second Big Buck Ladies Tournament (and $5,000 top prize) and Chris Fream from MN taking down last year’s champ Nick Robbins for the $15,000 top prize. On his way to victory Chris also had to take out long time friend and roommate Mike Byrne. Mike will just have to deal with his third place finish and $4,000 prize…let’s all be sad for Mike. And let’s not forget about the aforementioned Sara Erlandson making a huge run in the World Championship and taking fourth place taking Big Buck for a combined $7,000.

To see photos from the event visit and make sure to tag yourselves to prove to all your friends that you experienced the best party of the year. You can also visit and click the Photo Gallery button at the top to see even more photos.

In addition to the photos our emcee Amy K Nelson has released her latest installment of the Full Nelson. This video is amazing. Check it out here to relive the great times or if you blacked out this can help piece the night back together. If you’ve never attended you need to watch this to see what you’re missing out on. If you even just kind of like Big Buck and drinking, you will LOVE this event. We’d love to have you out next year.

Big Buck World Championship on Full Nelson


Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!


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