Varied News of The Day: Atari Book Out Now; Rusty Quarters Month Long Event; Pac-Man Moons

arcadehero November 28, 2012 0
Varied News of The Day: Atari Book Out Now; Rusty Quarters Month Long Event; Pac-Man Moons

I haven’t posted for a few days as there really hasn’t been much to post about, but of course I’ll say that now and then suddenly start finding more in an hour or so. It always works that way 🙂

First off, earlier this year we talked about a book that was taking a very in-depth look at the history of Atari, where there would be plenty of arcade goodness to find therein. The book, called Atari Inc. Business is Fun by Marty Goldberg and Curt Vendell is available now, you can find it on Amazon by clicking here or go to I will have to do a review of it here when I get my hands on it and a chance to read it.

In Japan they are not letting up on testing out creative and weird new ideas. A game using piggy bank like controllers was tested earlier this month but not sure by who or how it plays. It looks like a Taito kids cabinet, similar to Hopping Road or Kickthrough Racers. From the control panel it looks like the pig is movable and it has maybe three buttons on it. The Twitter feed that this is from mentions Capcom so it could be one of their now rare forays into the arcade industry to do some sort of kids game.

Rusty Quarters in Minneapolis, MN is having a month long celebration next month to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. The first year is always very difficult so I’m glad to see that they have made it through. Details on the month long event is found on this flyer right here. If you are in the area, go and check it out!

Showing you that I don’t have much else to grasp at today, Pac-Man has now been found on two of Saturn’s Moons. Appropriate for the PacMan Fever Month that I’ve been running at my own arcade through this month. No it’s not really arcade related but I like space stuff to so there you go anyways as it’s always fascinating the weird stuff we find out there in the ether. Via the Cassini Mission Website.

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