Location News: 60th Dave & Busters In Dallas, Retro Arcade Open in Japan

arcadehero December 10, 2012 0
Location News: 60th Dave & Busters In Dallas, Retro Arcade Open in Japan

Normally we only have one new location to speak of per post but today we have two. Bring more of them on I say!

First off Dave & Busters has been busy opening more locations and they are now up to 60 after redesigning an old location and making it new in Dallas, TX. I was not aware of the 58th and 59th locations; here is an article detailing the changes made to the 60th. The 61st location is set to open in Boise, ID next month with four other locations going to open their doors around the country throughout 2013. This of course means it will be easier to find some of the latest arcade titles to play as D&B has been leading the pack when it comes to offering some of new games to play.

Next up is a location overseas that is following a trend we have seen growing here in the States that of the Retro or Nostalgiacade where the main focus is on old school games instead of the new stuff. It’s the Amano Game Museum in Nishio, Aichi Japan where they have a large selection of older games running in candy cabs but also a special VIP room you need some ID for to get into. The picture on the site makes it a little hard to recognize the games in the VIP room but I can tell that one is an original Darius and the other is a Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga III which was also a triple screen affair like Darius. The white cocktail cabinet has a version of Space Invaders going but which one I don’t know. Either way more details can be found through the online translated article at My Navi News.

I mentioned this in the last post to the site but Aurcade.com now has over 1400 locations registered on their site, and they’ve been adding to it a lot recently. Not all of these locations are brand new of course, they have been going about just making sure that all locations are there but I think it helps is showing that finding an arcade near you might not be as challenging as is commonly perceived. Of course there will be some areas where chances of finding one aren’t great, particularly rural but they are not so scarce that finding one is impossible. They don’t have every single Dave and Busters or Chuck E. Cheese location in there either yet but it will get there with time.

And of course if any of you out there know of a new location opening up, please let us know so we can bring it up!


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