GTI Asia China Expo 2012 News

arcadehero December 28, 2012 0
GTI Asia China Expo 2012 News

Earlier this month an amusement/arcade trade show was held in China called the GTI Asia China Expo 2012. We have covered trade events like GTI in the past although it always proves difficult as data on exact games is often extremely limited. Even though this particular expo ended on the 18th, I haven’t been able to find much at all about what went on there until today. This event was supposed to take place earlier in the year but some sort of political situation in China caused a delay. Here I will break down as best I can what was at the show, from what I could find out at least. wahlapgti

Companies that had a booth there include many of those whose names we are familiar with already – Namco, UNIS, Wahlap, IGS, and Sealy. Sega’s presence there seems to have been through Wahlap.  A number of games that we have seen before were there, which you can catch a quick glimpse of in the videos below.

By checking out, I was able to find these videos which have some content from the show. There is a little bit more but it’s mostly un-synchronized dance groups on a stage in front of some games.

Intro video showing the opening ceremony, various booth shots, kiddie rides, Infinity Blade in Chinese, Operation GHOST and Initial D7; 1:23 a cowboy shooting game with a moving horse seat but no video of the game; 1:33 a motorcycle racing game

Here is a video of someone walking around a booth that shows a number of games. There is something at 1:32 that says it’s a 4D game that also reminds me of Konami’s CastleVania Arcade game that they released a few years ago. Not sure if it actually is something like that or not.

This video isn’t bad and shows a bit more, such as Chinese Infinity Blade meets Kinect, Konami’s DanceEvolution, Sealy with some sort of touchscreen multi-game unit and a kids racer called Toy Speed. The chaingun Vulcan-M game is seen at about1:57; followed by Wahlap’s Dance Core and then a golf simulator.

This video shows some games we recognize as seen from further away. There is a glimpse of the Namco booth with Deadstorm Pirates 4D+, Dark Escape 4D, Tekken Tag 2, Animal Kaiser; Also of Super Speed and 3D TopSpeed City by Golden Dragon; There are other booths seen by companies like UNIS and Wahlap but for the most part it is hard to tell what they have there.

That’s all I could dig up for now but if anything interesting comes along, I will be sure to share.


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