Metallica Pinball Cabinet, Feature and Models Unveiled

arcadehero April 11, 2013 0

Well that didn’t take long. We had the “teaser” video of Stern’s upcoming Metallica pinball machine just the other day and now we have a look at the cabinet and the variations on the editions. As expected, there will be three models – the Pro, Premium and the Master of Puppets Limited Edition. I haven’t seen pricing listed for these yet but the pictures do unveil a correction that needs to be made – this does NOT have a color LCD screen display but a red DMD one. I got the wrong impression from the video so apologies for that (it also fit into what I had been told). One thing that will be new for Stern however is the Premium and Limited Editions of the machine will use multi-color LED for general illumination and playfield inserts. There is more to them than that but instead of typing them all out, there is a chart below to point those things out, as found on

For the song list: Master of Puppets, Creeping death, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fuel, The Unforgiven, Seek and Sestroy, Sad But True, Battery, One, Enter Sandman, Fade to black, & The End of the Line.

UPDATE: This just hit Facebook. Wow:

Our US allocation for Metallica Master of Puppets has sold out within the
first hour of our detailed announcement. The export allocations are
selling out quickly. Working together we will have tremendous sales and
success with all versions of this great Metallica game.

Gary Stern

The Metallica Pinball Cabinets

Master of Puppets Limited Edition, followed by the Premium then the Pro.

metallicapinle metallicapinlefield

Metallica Premium Edition

This will certainly be easier to get a hold of compared to the LE.

metallicapinpre metallicapinprefield

The Pro model:

metallicapin metallicapinfield


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