LOADING SOHO Gaming Cafe Added To The MADD Bar In London

arcadehero May 2, 2013 1

UPDATE: In case anyone was wondering where this cafe gets their games from, they are being supplied by Bespoke Arcades. you can visit their website here!

Just received the following information about a new amusement location that is open in London, UK. This is an upgrade to an existing juice bar actually and is still in the “beta testing stage”. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report shared the photos below and the following information:

LOADING SOHO – the latest venue from the LOADING venue chain that first launched in Cornwall in 2009 – the new Soho London venue, sitting inside the MADD juice bar – and called a “open beta testing” of the concept offers a relaxing venue to socialize and play games. In the early stage of launch the site is still getting the whole environment sorted. The venue along with a smattering of classic console systems had a number of retro table amusement pieces and a few uprights – the final venue will have a lower level with even more machines – looking at private events and game launches, as well as drop in crowd to grow the business. The Stinger Report hopes to visit again for a more in-depth conversation with the venues owner.

You can visit their website here.






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