Newsblend: Sega Arcade For Comic-Con; Aircraft Skin Arcade Cab; Dark Escape 4D Review

arcadehero July 12, 2013 0

The weekend is just about to get started and with that, here are some more links with my comments about some quick arcade-related stories. BTW, I had a great conversation with Brian Colins of Game Refuge this week about some Midway arcade prototypes. The post is inching closer to completion, perhaps it will be ready to go this next week.

First some Sega news – you probably already saw the teaser for the new Transformers Human Alliance game but if not, click here. They also have some release action over in Japan this week with MaiMai GreeN (yes, that is how it is spelled) and Code of Joker. It is that time of year where talk of Comic-Con comes up and arcades have not shied away from CC – thanks to the promotion of TRON: Legacy at the event for a few years and Flynn’s Arcade, our sector of gaming has received some well-deserved attention. Stern Pinball usually shows up with a booth as well, being that they have comic-book related machines to sell. And Sega has also jumped into the idea by having a Sega Arcade that is available off-site for players to enjoy some of their products. In the blog post about it, they only discuss some of the console releases that will be there but I imagine some arcade cabinet goodness will be there, otherwise its not really an arcade. We’ll just wait-and-see for now but it would be a good spot for them to show off Transformers Arcade and maybe Project DIVA Arcade which has been tested in the US(but not yet released). Source – SEGA Blog. [Link thanks to The Stinger Report, Newsfeed 1319]

Here’s a cool arcade cabinet design that uses aircraft skin for most of the exterior (Off-site link to It’s pretty much a MAME thing but still looks cool enough to stand above a lot of MAME design atrocities  that can be found out there. It’s for sale on Etsy for 2500 quid. [Also link given to us via The Stinger Report, newsfeed 1318]


I have been mostly lax with reviews here on AH and I will repent of that one of these days but in the meantime, Gamer Cheese has made a review for Namco’s Dark Escape 4D. I’ve not been able to play the game 100% through but I did like what I have played so far. And the cabinet looks awesome. (Thanks to Sam Ven at Namco for the link)

Let’s end the post and begin the weekend with some music. Video game related music of course. This is from a 2010 chiptune album by Rob Howard called Pitch To Pixel Vol. 1 and the song is called Shooter. He will have Vol. 2 up on the CDBaby site this next Monday.


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