Andamiro’s Hit The Beat Combines Drumming & Slashing

arcadehero August 29, 2013 2
Andamiro’s Hit The Beat Combines Drumming & Slashing

In 2010 we ran a story about a game that combined elements of a fighting game with a rhythm one. If it ever was released then it was fairly limited to South Korea and Japan, showing up again in 2012.


Andamiro has launched a new title they have been working on that also combined elements of a rhythm game with another genre, what I’ll just deem a dash n’ slash. Called Hit The Beat, a CPU-controlled opponent on the right hand side of the screen throws fruit at the sword wielding player on the left and you have to slash the fruit by hitting a large backlit button on the arcade panel with a padded drumstick. It doesn’t change the basic premise of many rhythm games (precisely timed taps on a control), just the presentation. The overall design is focusing on kids and like Over The Top, can have redemption added as an option. This will likely replace their Pump It Up Jump! game which was also made for kids.



  1. toby7ten August 29, 2013 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Love Andamiro news. I know that Yahpp from Banya (ex Pump It Up composer) was working on a new rhythm arcade game. Wish he would hurry up =]

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