Results Of The Kong Off 3 Donkey Kong Tournament

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Results Of The Kong Off 3 Donkey Kong Tournament

As mentioned a few weeks back, the month of November has turned out to be a big one for the e-Sport arcade space, there was the Big Buck World Championships and The Kong Off 3. As previously reported the Kong Off 3 was held at The 1up from Nov. 15th-17th in Denver, CO. With some celebrity names at the event, particularly Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe and Hank Chien, that ups the ante as far as pressure goes but after the dust settled, Jeff Willms walked away the champion for a second time. He did not break Dr. Chien’s World Record but did come pretty close. Chien came in 3rd, Wiebe in 5th and Mitchell came in last at 22nd place with almost 600,000 points.

Here’s a local news station taking a look at the event:

And before we get to the press release here is an interview posted with Mr. Willms posted just a few days ago:

Now for the presser:

Craig Bailey
303.736.2230 (office)
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    Willms Barrels to Victory in The Kong Off 3

Denver, CO (November 17, 2013) – After three days of barrel jumping action Jeff Willms of Waterloo, Ontario has captured victory in The Kong Off 3 Donkey Kong world championship. With a high score of 1,096,200, Willms beat out Ross Benziger, of Portland, OR, by a mere 29,100 points in a competition that was riveting from start to finish.
The Kong Off 3, held at The 1up – LoDo  in Denver, brought together the world’s greatest classic arcade gamers to battle it out for the title and the $3,000 first prize. The 22 competitors, who traveled to Denver from throughout the US and Canada, played the arcade classic Donkey Kong with the high scorer taking overall victory.
Willms, 23, is now a two-time Kong Off champion taking victory in last year’s title event. The Canadian also has the fourth highest score ever recorded on Donkey Kong.
Willms score of 1,096,200 was enough for overall victory but just shy of the world record of 1,138,600 held by Dr. Hank Chien from New York.
Chien finished third with a score of 1,056,900, fourth place went to Lincoln, Nebraska’s Steve Wiltshire, who put up his high score of 1,053,200 in his final game of the evening, followed by Steve Wiebe with 1,048,800 to round out the top five.
The 1up – LoDo, located at 1925 Blake St. is open 360 days a year and features more than 45 classic arcade games, 16 Pinball Machines, three lanes of classic Skee-Ball and multiple sets of giant Jenga. With 14 beers on tap, a Hall-of-Fame of vintage cans, a solid selection of 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor, full bar and a delicious menu, The 1up – LoDo has something for everyone.

The Kong Off 3 – FINAL RESULTS
November 15-17, 2013
The 1up – LoDo
Denver, CO

1.    Jeff Willms 1,096,200
2.    Ross Benziger 1,067,100
3.    Hank Chien 1,056,900
4.    Steve Wiltshire 1,053,200
5.    Steve Wiebe 1,048,800
6.    Dean Saglio 1,033,000
7.    David McCrary 1,032,000
8.    Mike Groesbeck 1,020,700
9.    Kyle Goewert 1,006,500
10.    Vincent Lemay 989,700
11.     Corey Chambers 893,300
12.    Jonathan McCourt 891,200
13.    Eric Tessler 883,300
14.     Robbie Lakeman 840,300
15.    Jeff Wolfe 809,200
16.    Ben Falls 736,800
17.    Ethan Daniels 711,400
18.    Aaron Rounsaville 703,600
19.    Daniel Desjardans 702,500
20.    Daniel Dock 680,000
21.    Shaun Boyd 639,300
22.    Billy Mitchell 598,800

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    The Kong Off Organizers should ask Nintendo to make a fourth Kong Arcade sequel!

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