Next From Stern: Ford Mustang Pinball

arcadehero December 5, 2013 0
Next From Stern: Ford Mustang Pinball

I honestly didn’t expect to be reporting on the next new game from Stern so soon after Star Trek Pinball was released (that game just came out) but hot from the wires, Stern Pinball has unveiled their next pinball project, Ford Mustang Pinball. My son has always been a huge fan of Mustang cars since he was able to talk so I bet he’d be pleased with this no matter what the design. Given the obsession with racing games in the arcade industry as a whole, this will fit right in with the slew of video arcade racing games that are also coming out now. This isn’t the first car themed pinball title to be released but the last one I recall was the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Limited Edition Pinball.

According to the press release: “Narrated by professional racing driver Tanner Foust, this machine sets the tone for a fast paced, white-knuckle game. The game comes equipped with top-of-the-line features including artwork painted by famed Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo and the ultimate soundtrack from Sony Music featuring five decades of hits.

As the video shows, it will celebrate 50 years of the car (too bad they didn’t do a 50th anniv. game for Doctor Who) and coming soon could mean production starts up at any time – lately they have been showing a game coming soon then within the next week they already are producing the title. So best guess is this will start showing up in venues in January/February.

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