First Info On Mustang Pinball; Teaser for The Big Lebowski Pinball

arcadehero January 27, 2014 0

Pinball fans rejoice, more news here about a couple of different pinball projects!

First off, has compiled some sightings of Stern Pinball’s upcoming Mustang Pinball which should be released around March. The information on the game did not come through Stern but through a Ford product merchandising website (which has since removed the information). Also, the machine showed up at the NADA Automotive Show were someone grabbed some video of it in action. So far it looks like the Pro model won’t feature an LCD system as we had been hearing about – but there is still a possibility that a Premium and/or limited model will use the tech. At this point there are so many false starts on that rumor in regards to Stern, I will only believe it when I see it.


And here is the video:

* * *

Also in the world of pinball, here is one I overlooked that was announced at the end of December. Also via Pinballnews, a Netherlands based company called Dutch Pinball has secured licensing from Universal’s The Big Lebowski and they are set on creating a table based upon the film, with an intended release in Q2 2015. It’s a while before we will see if they can pull through on this or not but if you have questions, such as shipping in the US, they have an FAQ to read here.

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