Taito Teases New Zombie Game: Project Z

arcadehero February 12, 2014 1
Taito Teases New Zombie Game: Project Z

After being bought by Square Enix, Taito hasn’t exactly been cranking out new games like they used to and like a lot of big names from the arcade past, have increased their mobile game efforts. But on occasion Taito still has an arcade project to share. Most recently it was Groove Coaster Arcade and they also will be supporting Ultra Street Fighter IV through their NESiCA online network.

On Friday, the JAEPO Expo beings where various Japanese manufacturers show off what they have in store for Japanese arcades through the rest of the year. Taito has a special JAEPO site, where as you can see, most of the focus is presently on Groove Coaster Arcade (the band there is M.S.S. Project; after they were announced apparently Sega decided to get a band on board for their booth too) but today they have released this teaser below which indicates that a new zombie game might be there :

UPDATE: A second teaser has been released to show the game off.

If you to to zombie.nesica.net then all you get in addition to that trailer is a crack in the wall graphic, some sharing options and “2014 Outbreak Coming Soon”, but perhaps that will change by Friday/Saturday.

Taito does have an overseas division but I’m not sure what metrics they use to decide on making a game available for overseas. Elevator Action death Parade and Dariusburst Another Chronicle were made available but if the sales on those were in the double digits I would be surprised. I’ve not heard of anyone importing Groove Coaster Arcade yet, but if Project Z is a light-gun game of some sort then perhaps it will have a better chance of getting some support.


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  1. Hugo Lowenstein February 12, 2014 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    Elevator Action Death Parade? What a funny name for a game! It rhymes!

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