The Arcades At GDC 2014

arcadehero March 19, 2014 2

According to surveys like this one, most developers that have headed to the Game Developers Conference 2014 this week are interested in developments for mobile or PC platforms. The survey didn’t ask about arcade development but that does not mean that those primarily involved in our field aren’t there or that there isn’t interest on the arcade side of things (in fact one developer, specular Interactive tweeted that they were attending).

Previously we mentioned that the Japan-only arcade title Gunslinger Stratos 2 by Square Enix would be featured at a booth of a middleware developer attending GDC 2014. I have looked and looked but so far I have not found a picture of the GS2 setup there. EDIT: Thanks to Sean Campbell who snapped a shot of the SD2 cabinet there:


But that’s not all as we see thanks to Kevin Williams who sent the pictures below in. One of the booths there has been gaining some attention, the Video Game History Museum which is looking to open their doors in Las Vegas, NV.

Among the games making an appearance is the indie arcade cabinet Killer Queen. I’m keen on finding out more about this one (which has been mentioned on the blog here a couple of times) and the potential it could have on the market as a wide release, once it gets the final cabinet design down. I assume the reason for the duct tape solution on the coin door is that arcade locks aren’t available just anywhere but no description was given with the pictures. The game has been testing in the SF area so I am guessing that they removed the locks for this event.



And here are some of the classics to be found:




That’s all for now, if anything else appears I will add it to this post!


  1. Nomax March 20, 2014 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Regarding the duct tape fix. Maybe they just lost the keys. 😉 It also looks like the cashbox doors was forced.

  2. arcadehero March 20, 2014 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    Perhaps although you can notice that the locks aren’t even in the door. Just a little strange

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