GlobalVR To Launch Redline Rampage Gas Guzzlers As A Kit, Dedicated To Follow

arcadehero March 28, 2014 0

Last year in October, a video appeared on the little used Youtube channel for GlobalVR showing a new arcade combat racing game in action called Redline Rampage. It was a direct, albeit lower resolution footage of the game which provided enough to give us an idea of how the game would play. But apart from some flyers seen at IAAPA2013, we have heard little else about the game until this week. I received this news right before leaving to Amusement Expo so I did not have a chance to post at the time; I also received an email mentioning that GlobalVR would not attend the Expo so they could work on getting this game ready for its release in May.

(Trailer of the beta version as shown by GlobalVR)

As you can see below from this new flyer uploaded to the GlobalVR website on Tuesday, the game has been given a slight name change to Redline Rampage: Gas Guzzlers. I had wondered if this was a port from an existing game and with this change I checked and it turns out that it will be an arcadified version of either Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage which was released in 2012; or possibly Gas Guzzlers Extreme which was an update released this past October. Like Twisted and The Swarm, this game originally comes from an overseas firm. This particular title comes from a company called Gamepires, based in Croatia to be exact. Here is a video of Gas Guzzlers Extreme, which I think should give us an idea of how the arcade version will play:


I checked with GVR and they intend on releasing the kit first and the dedicated version will follow a few weeks later. The kit should be able to swap out any existing GVR driving game and it will include the cabinet graphics, PC and steering wheel with fire buttons to swap out with the existing wheel.

Also according to GVR, the operator can switch off the guns and “becomes a true race game”. It almost sounds like its two racing games in one, depending upon operator preference. Judging by the video above I imagine without the weapons that would put into the area of an off-road style circuit racer which is a bit different than something with the combat mechanic at play. I am expecting more media of the arcade version to come along soon, which I will share on AH once I get it.

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