House of Targ Brings Pinball/Arcade Goodness to Ottawa, Canada

arcadehero April 17, 2014 0
House of Targ Brings Pinball/Arcade Goodness to Ottawa, Canada

If you live in Ottawa Canada and have a desire for live music, adult beverages, pinball and video arcades, then the new House of Targ sounds like it fits the bill of what you are looking  for. The new venue opens its doors to the public today, coming a long ways from when they began the idea with a single Targ machine. They have much more than Targ however, the games list covers about 30 games including TRON, Centipede, Double Dragon, Tetris, Mortal Kombat, Turbo, Smash TV, NBA Jam, Area51/Maximum Force, Super Dodgeball, Track n Field and more. On the Pinball side of things, the list is longer: Dr. Who, Dracula, Addams Family, AC/DC, WhoDunnit, Tron, X-men, Haunted House, Genesis, Grand Prix, Time Warp, Grand Lizard, Diner, Freddy – Nightmare on Elm st., Roller Games, Genie, Independence Day, Last Action Hero, and Six Million Dollar Man. It appears that they are going for what has become standard in the bar arcade scene, mixing mostly retro/classic stuff with the newer stuff only applying to pinball. No matter what, I wish them the best of luck in the business, if you live anywhere near them give them your support by stopping by and playing some games!

[House of Targ Facebook page]

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