Kickstarter Check: Galloping Ghost Arcade and Super Arcade

arcadehero April 25, 2014 0
Kickstarter Check: Galloping Ghost Arcade and Super Arcade

I admit that I don’t really stay on top of Kickstarter all that often as there aren’t many projects for real arcades that go on, usually it’s just software that calls itself arcade but that is in style only. But at the moment there are a few KS projects going on that are about arcade locations looking for funding so they can improve and expand. It should be interesting to see how these will pan out since expansion of an existing location is just as important as a new location opening its doors. Here are what you can choose from at the moment:

Galloping Ghost Arcade – Already proud to call themselves one of (if not “the) the largest video arcade in the world, they are undertaking a huge expansion project that needs some capital to meet the vision. According to Doc Mack, the Kickstarter will help build an “expansion to add a 3rd building and 300+ more arcade games & 30+ more pinball machines and a ton more cool stuff.” Part of that cool stuff includes a Shuttle to get players to and from events and even a luxury hostel for players to stay in when they are going for multi-day events – those however are stretch goals. The starting goal is $100,000 and there are 42 days left; They have a $3 million stretch goal that if reached would mean new satellite locations in downtown Chicago, and unspecified locations for New York and California. Overall it is an ambitious plan which you can check out or donate to here. Here is a PDF of the KS press release for them that you can check out if interested.

Super Arcade – I mentioned this KS project a short time ago on the blog and as an update, the California-based Super Arcade has passed their funding goal of $44,000 and are currently working on getting to some of their stretch goals. With them getting the funding it means they will be able to renovate the location; if they hit the stretch goals then it means that games like Medieval Madness pinball will make their way to the arcade. The KS project for Super Arcade is going until May 2nd.

Throwbacks Arcade – Finally here is a funding project for a place that will call itself Throwbacks Arcade, to be based in Lexington, KY. They aren’t expanding like the other two but are looking to get started. Their main goal is $110,000, which will fund a 3000 sq. ft. location stocked with classic arcade games and an entry fee with the game son free play. You can check out their project here.

That’s all I have come across for now. Good luck to the owners, it will be interesting to see how these turn out.

UPDATE: On a non-Kickstarter note I just caught a message from the Game Galaxy Arcade that they will be re-opening their Rivergate Mall location this June.

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