Stern’s The Walking Dead Pinball Unveiled

arcadehero September 9, 2014 0

We found out about it last week (as far as official confirmation goes) and finally we have a look at the new The Walking Dead Pinball by Stern Pinball. Designed by John Borg, this is the first time in a while that Stern has gone the route of a horror/zombie theme. Backed up by a popular license like The Walking Dead, it is certainly getting some attention.

Here is the Pro version of the cabinet as they show on their website. While it will certainly use their new LED and hardware systems, it does not sound like they are going to use the WiFi or LCD features that have been teased for quite some time now:

UPDATE: Two pics from the LE version of the game added here:









UPDATE:  Right after I published this, Stern placed the Features Matrix on their website. They only are listing a Pro and Limited Edition as opposed to three versions. In the LE, the Well Walker toy (the fat zombie toy in the center right of the playfield) will show more viscera, there is a magnet in front of that toy, there is a Bicycle Girl toy, the lockdown Fire button activates the Crossbow, there is a magnetic diverter on the Crossbow ramp, there are spinning targets and more to enjoy.

The Crossbow it appears opens from the left hand side of the playfield and can be aimed using the buttons on the side. At first it sounded like a crossbow controller but the pictures do not support that idea. That feature almost sounds like they are hearkening back to classic games(which aren’t considered to be pins since they don’t have flippers) like Hyperball. We’ll have to wait and see how it works out exactly but it is good that Stern will stay busy in pumping new games out.

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