Stern Launching Official The Walking Dead Pinball Accessory Kits

arcadehero October 15, 2014 0

If you do some searching online, you can find many “mods” for pinball games, designed by different individuals and companies to spruce up a pin beyond the stock design. Some people really like to mod, others prefer to keep it all original and then you suddenly have a manufacturer creating some licensed modifications which might end up tempting a few people who hold the latter position.

Stern Pinball announced today that they have developed officially licensed The Walking Dead accessory kits for their new The Walking Dead Pinball game. What they entail are quickly summed up with these images, which can include a zombie fish tank topper, art blades, bloddy armor and zombie head shooter knob. These images also show that they can be applied to either version of the game (Pro or LE).





The official release states this about the accessories:

The Walking Dead accessories include:
● A fish tank topper full of three fully detailed zombie heads designed and sculpted by Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead. The topper is accompanied by game-integrated lighting that attracts players and adds zombie ambiance to any room
● An authentic zombie head shooter knob that adds tactile art to a player’s first interaction with the game
● Custom-designed, artistic inside-panels that add dimension to the pinball playfield area
● Blood splattered side-armor that further enhances The Walking Dead pinball experience

It also indicates that they will have more accessories coming for future game. I have to wonder if they will consider it for any of the older but recent titles like Star Trek. In that sense it could work kind of like DLC in refreshing a machine. What are your thoughts about the additions?

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