Stern Pinball Unveils The Legends of WrestleMania Pinball LE

arcadehero January 13, 2015 4
Stern Pinball Unveils The Legends of WrestleMania Pinball LE

If you are new to the pinball scene then one thing you can expect with every new release, is that more than one version of the table will be made available. Sometimes companies start with unveiling a special/limited edition, sometimes they start with the Standard/Pro. In the case of the newest title on the market, Pro received the glory upfront and now Stern Pinball has unveiled the Limited Edition of the game. With 400 units planned for production, it is bound to appeal to fans of classic WWF given the people headlining the artwork; plus every unit is “signed by Hulk Hogan”. This is not mentioned on Stern’s Facebook and I don’t see anyone pointing this out yet, but the LE version has an LCD display on it. This marks Stern’s first foray into using this display technology, powered by their new SPIKE hardware system. It is something we have been longing to see the company use and it should be interesting to watch how they go about using the tech in future machines. The display does NOT replace the red DMD; you can see it placed above the ‘wrestling ring’ area at the top as a sort of Jumbotron toy. But look carefully at these two pictures and you notice that the image is different on both, indicating it is a display.



To compare, here is the Pro playfield where the main differences from what I can tell, are the LCD, art and some plastic standees that occupy the sides of the ring on the LE; As a commentor noted, this also has a spinner device inside the wrestling ring which will cause some interesting chaos:


WrestleMania Pinball should be available soon. Judging by past performance, you will likely find them at select locations next month.

So what are your thoughts about this? Happy to see Stern finally take the full-color display plunge?


  1. Sean Campbell January 13, 2015 at 10:43 am - Reply

    The LE edition also adds a spinning disc to the upper playfield ring area.

  2. voltz January 13, 2015 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    Where’s King Kong Bundy?

  3. gene x January 14, 2015 at 7:51 pm - Reply

    are there any female wrestlers on this version? Can’t tell from the pix!

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