Newsbits: Magic Girl Pinball; TRON Illuminated T-Mold; Jurassic Install Vid; NTG#40

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With the first weekend of April comes the first major holiday of the season. It is quite busy for entertainment venues around this time, in my area in addition to Easter there is Spring Break at schools. Happy Easter and Happy Spring Break (if you get that) everyone!

Magic Girl Pinball – There are quite a few updates for The Pinball Inventor’s Magic Girl pinball machine to be found on TPI’s Facebook page…here is one of the videos:

flipping……”you didn’t last long did you, huh?”

Posted by The Pinball Inventor™ on Saturday, April 4, 2015

TRON Illuminated T-Molding – When Aliens Armageddon showed up using illuminated T-molding (if you are new to arcades, that is the hard plastic that lines the edges of arcade cabinets and it is usually black), I wondered when this might happen – Midway’s TRON arcade game getting a refit with the technology. A new company called illumicade has created some Electroluminescent T-molding, which is different that what is on Aliens (and several other recent games) as those solutions use embedded LED light strips inside of them. EL wiring technology is different and for TRON, it looks like a natural fit. I wouldn’t mind this on my Asteroids Deluxe or my BattleZone (seems like a perfect fit for vector games); any number of cabs would look pretty sweet using the tech. Which ones do you think would look best?


Jurassic Park Arcade Hyperspeed Unboxing Video – As mentioned a few times, I wanted to do a video of unboxing Jurassic Park as well and with the game arriving at my arcade yesterday I was able to do just that. I will have to do this sort of thing on all future arcade machines I get the chance to unbox.

Mortal Kombat X Arcade Cabinet – With the chances of us getting an official Mortal Kombat release in arcades once again hovering around zero, it is left up to collectors to pick up the slack, making something for their own collections. KLOV Forum user zenomorp has done just that, showing his step-by step process of taking an Atari War: Final Assault cab and converting it over. He did that with the last Mortal Kombat console release as well as InJustice; more pictures of the finished products are here.


Name That Game #40 – It feels like it has been a while on NTG although I only gave it a hiatus of one week. The last one can be found here and the answers for that round are:

#1 – Brave Firefighters by Sega

#2 – Night Striker by Taito

#3 – Dark Tower by Game Room

For this week:






  1. masterLEON April 4, 2015 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    That T-Molding is fantastic! Imagine a basement arcade or 80’s themed arcade or bar/arcade lit up with all that. It’s gotta come in a bunch of colors, of course.

    Game 1 is Gunblade NY
    Game 2 is Tutankham

    I thought I had 3, but it was something else entirely.

  2. Steffen April 4, 2015 at 11:13 pm - Reply

    Third Game is Rabbit Punch by Video System.

  3. arcades4ever April 6, 2015 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    All I know is first game is gunblade ny, I don’t know what it is but arcades seem to be ignoring joystick games with the only exception being pacman battle royle. I really miss games like simpsons arcade game and TMNT where we work together and join in which was really cool and even still arcade manufacturers could expand on their concepts, take namco’s old football game world kicks for example where you have the same setup comprsing of the joystick and some buttons but with the added feature of a kick pad button you actually kick. Why isn’t something like this take. Further for games like TMNT or even fighting games? It would work great and certainly something that could be done in the home properly.

    • arcadehero April 6, 2015 at 8:52 pm - Reply

      One issue is that any joystick game would have to remain arcade exclusive otherwise it would not stand out enough from a home release and then most operators would not touch it, thus making the investment in the arcade version a waste. I do believe that a properly designed joystick game could still work these days. A new brawler would be amazing but someone would have to take a huge investment risk to see if the market at large would accept it

  4. voltz15 April 11, 2015 at 2:50 am - Reply

    zenomorp is also that MK guy on youtube. Boon needs to take a look at his projects sometime.

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