KISS Pinball Is Stern’s Summer Pinball Title

arcadehero May 5, 2015 1
KISS Pinball Is Stern’s Summer Pinball Title

The cat is out of the bag for the next pinball table from Stern Pinball, the long rumored KISS. Here is the teaser trailer from Stern:

From that teaser we learn that they will have three models as opposed to the two that they have been going with on some recent efforts (I imagine that given the sales reaction that Metallica enjoyed, they figure this will be the same). Interesting use of the magnet on the backpanel there and this also should appeal to fans of Gene Simmons, given the size of the head on the playfield 😛

UPDATE: Stern has published the pictures of the cabinet so I’ll throw them into the middle here. I’m not a fan of KISS but I have to admit that the hand-drawn artwork looks really cool. The game also uses custom speech from Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Where this was in the rumor mill for a long time (before Star Trek 2013), there was always talk of this using a color LCD but I don’t see that in these pictures. More info here. Here are the Pro, Premium and Limited Edition designs:










Some extra news about this comes along from an unlikely source, in that I am not aware of them ever breaking news on new pinball machines but IGN has more to the story including how this will mirror the 1978 KISS pinball machine in some aspects such as the retro pop bumper caps, the lighting layout and the hand drawn art. Here is that playfield in case you need a refresher:


And a glimpse of the new playfield:



This will certainly be a build for collectors and some particular venues, Stern usually makes these announcements a few weeks before units begin shipping so I imagine that June will be the month you start seeing this out there.

What are your thoughts on this latest pinball development?



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  1. Ralph May 6, 2015 at 7:27 am - Reply

    I hope Tom Jones pinball will be next. Rock out with some Danke Schoen!!! (With a Ferris Bueller cameo???)

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