The Pinball Lounge Open In Oviedo, FL; Tappers Arcade Bar Coming to Indianapolis, IN

arcadehero May 18, 2015 0

Welcome to Monday everyone, let’s start the week out with some new arcade location news!

The Pinball Lounge – First, a location that just opened their doors this past weekend near amusement park central (Orlando). As a part of the Oviedo Bowling Center in in Oviedo, FL, The Pinball Lounge brings another ball game to the area with 14 pinball machines to enjoy: Pool Sharks, Orbitor, The Addams Family, Fireball Classic, Indiana Jones, Bobby Orr Power Play, Lord of the Rings, Captain Fantasic, Fun House, FirePower, Black Knight & Black Knight 2000, Centaur II and an Eight Ball Deluxe LE. If you find yourself in the area and have an eye for pinball then check them out!


Tappers Arcade Bar – Coming soon to Indiana’s capital is a new arcade/bar whose formula will sound quite familiar to those of you who track new location openings. To directly quote from their website: “We are a retro arcade bar featuring classic arcade games primarily from the 80s and 90s and host a selection of local craft beers.” They are not completely averse to new games, as they will host an arcade cabinet for indie Griffin Aerotech’s Skycurser shooting game (although it fits the ‘retro’ style of game). Their listed roster also includes: Arkanoid, Asteroids, Burgertime, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Final Fight, Galaga, House of the Dead, Joust, Karate Champ, Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat II, Ms. Pac-Man, NBA Jam, NEO GEO, NFL Blitz 2000, Paperboy, Pole Position, Popeye, Rampage, The Simpsons, Space Invaders, Street Fighter II, Super Off Road, Tapper, Time Pilot and X-Men. An opening date hasn’t been announced yet but it should be happening sometime soon.


We wish both locations the best of luck in business, if you find yourself near them give them a visit to drop some coins and if you know of a new arcade or pinball location opening up out there, please let us know!

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