Heighway Pinball’s Factory Fired Up To Produce New Pinball Games

arcadehero May 26, 2015 0

(Thanks to Scott Flear for the tip)

Stern factory visits are well-known, having become a tourist draw into Chicago for a number of years.  There haven’t been many pinball factories to be found around the world for that to happen anywhere else, until recently.

I’ve been covering the progress of new UK pinball manufacturer Heighway Pinball for a while now and as you read this, they are presently manufacturing their first title, the fast-paced Full Throttle.  Over the weekend they released a new video showcasing the process of them putting that game together at the factory:

Another company by the name of Home Leisure Direct had a chance to take a factory tour and has shared the info here. I’ll let their article speak for itself but some things to be on the look out for:


-Details on the upcoming UK Pinball Party which is being held at that factory in August

-Plenty of pictures showing the construction and QA process the cabinets go through

-They discuss the kit conversion nature of these cabinets. i.e., if you have a Full Throttle you’ll be able to buy an Alien Pinball kit and swap the games out in about 10 min.

-How Full Throttle plays

-A little bit of detail on the upcoming Alien Pinball game they are developing. That missed the initial April target date but a playable unit should be ready by August. The idea of the Alien double jaw snapping out to grab the ball is pretty cool – hopefully it will work as planned. (early render found here below)


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