Pokkén Tournament Getting Console Release; The Next Level Arcade In Trouble

arcadehero August 21, 2015 2

It’s been another relatively slow news week for arcade gaming and unfortunately this post isn’t terribly positive, but we’ll make the most of it.

Pokkén Tournament Coming To WiiUThis was inevitable really as the existence of an arcade exclusive fighter is practically a myth. Also, the arcade version had an odd, console like gamepad instead of standard joystick/button controls, which seemed to hint that they wanted an easy port. I imagine that Dave & Busters will still be testing this out but with the news that everyone will get topokkencabs play it at home in Spring 2016, I think that will damper a lot of interest that arcade locations have had in the game (excepting those locations out there that have a strong focus on fighting titles that will buy regardless). It is too bad as I haven’t seen outlets that cover video games other than arcades discuss every new revelation about this game, thus pumping up the marketing.  6-8 months might be enough for arcades to make their money back but at the moment, Bandai Namco has been silent about this actually getting a release in the US so the time is getting only getting shorter. For those arcade operators out there which were excited about this, does the announcement of this WiiU release change your opinion or purchasing plans?

The Next Level Arcade Might Close In Feb. 2016 – Speaking of arcades that focus on fighting games, The Next Level Arcade, which was a continuation of the famous Chinatown Fair in New York City, is experiencing some headwinds between the partnership which could cause the location to close this coming February. Business partnerships unfortunately tend run into issues like these, which sometimes end a business before it gets started. There is plenty of time to see if things can smooth out between the partners but if not, then one of the few arcades in New York City (not the country as the Shoryuken story implies) will be closing.

Your thoughts?


  1. arcades4ever August 23, 2015 at 10:16 am - Reply

    Never knew that Pokemon tournament had a standard game pad instead of the traditional joystick and button. I knew that konami’s had a similar thing for their pro evolution soccer series game where the players could that their ps2 controller and plug it in a ps2 controller port on the machine but it just feel pointless almost not having the arcade experience control scheme unless it was something unique. Sadly I think namco will pass this off and not release it. It shall be interesting to see what bandai namco have for their line up next year along with sega and rawthrills (although I’m guessing if the mario and sonic at the Olympics arcade version was successful that will be showcased). It’s not long until the year is over nearly.

  2. Joey August 29, 2015 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    Henry Cen will likely pursue an Arcade/Gaming venue on his own once he’s able to fully sever business ties with his current partner. When CTF closed, he helped established Next Level, and I don’t see things being any different once Next Level is shuttered.

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