Big Buck World Championships 2015 Wrap Up

arcadehero October 26, 2015 2

As mentioned on Saturday, the Big Buck World Championship took place and after many players battled it out, one came out as ‘the’ World Champion – previous 2013 champ Trev Garner took home the new title as well as a $15,000 prize.  This makes him the first person to win the Grand Prize twice, with Sara Erlandson taking the Ladies Tournament title home a 4th time. Congrats to all of the winners for their efforts in what is the biggest arcade tournament found in the world.



Being broadcast on the front page of the popular game streaming site Twitch, the press release sent out mentioned the numbers :

This is a FIRST for the Arcade Gaming industry to bring eSports to the arcade!
I did watch the feed for a couple of hours on Saturday and didn’t envy the moderators who had to manage the chat line which was full of weak trolls. They did a fine job handling that so kudos on that.
Here is a pic of the Raw Thrills & Play Mechanix presence there, including some faces you might recognize such as Eugene Jarvis, George Petro and ESPN’s Sarah Spain:
Given the growth and success of the tournament, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing it again next year.


  1. Jdevy October 26, 2015 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    Pretty cool to see a tournament like that still going strong! This is a bit off topic, but I honestly hope that Raw Thrills releases some in game recording software for any of their games so maybe people can record how they got high scores so on and so forth. Perhaps this will work well with MotoGP and perhaps some other future games Raw Thrills might bring in that have online functionality 😉

  2. Federico Read October 26, 2015 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    That would be pretty cool, Jdevy. I’d like to see them do that with Big Buck since I think Golden Tee also has a very similar function. They also unveiled a new animal coming in 2016: the Bighorn Sheep. Might be something to talk about here.

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