FUN IS Mobile App Announced To Drive Customer Interest To Amusement Locations

arcadehero November 5, 2015 0

The modern arcade industry is in an interesting spot – while retail spots face a lot of challenges up against the digital store juggernauts, arcades still require on-spot visitation. The gaming trends have also trended strongly towards pocket devices which can be used at home or on the go and a majority of development interest and cash flows to home and mobile developments. This presents a challenge to get that attention and those dollars but it isn’t impossible. Some big amusement chains like Chuck E. Cheeses and Dave & Busters have both created mobile apps as ways to engage their customers and drive traffic to locations, including the ability to win virtual tickets. Now thanks to game manufacturer Universal Space (UNIS), they have created a mobile app that any location can use as a way to reach customers that they are calling FUN IS. Here is a video that breaks down what it can do:

This reminds me of businesses like restaurants that send out texts to clients that have signed up with coupons, deals or events but is a  more advanced than that. Since you can use graphics to show new game arrivals, announce tournaments or offer daily deals, that can stand out more than a text. It also features mini-games (based on UNIS videmption titles) and a CRM backend manager for tracking interest. How much this will cost to the operator will be unveiled at the IAAPA and as long as it is reasonable, this could prove to be a useful tool for operators that want to be on the cutting edge of marketing to their customers.

You can find out more at the FUN IS website; what are your thoughts about this new app?

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