“Pointless Arcade Cabinets”

arcadehero December 30, 2015 0

Time for something not-serious compared to what we normally talk about. It isn’t close to April Fools but these “pointless arcade cabinets” found on Imgur by Djmdesign would certainly fit right in with that day. I can’t really tip anyone as every arcade feed I follow has been sharing these so here is the direct link to the posting source @ Imgur. Cabinets for Facebook, Instagram, Excel, and Windows are found…what suggestions would you have for a “pointless” arcade cabinet? One that came to mind is a DOS cabinet, just re-use the Thayer’s Quest or Typing of the Dead arcade cabinets. 😉

Before we get to that though, let’s reshare a great April Fool’s prank of a fake cabinet that Taito created a few years ago to promote “Dariusburst 48”! That still has to be my favorite fake cabinet, designed by a bona-fide arcade game maker 😛


Now for the “Pointless” cabinets – starting with Facebook. All you need is a scrolling tool and a ‘Like’ button – which reminds me of this funny skit by Studio C.


Anyone remember Textminator Arcade? Probably not, it came out a little too late for the keypad version of texting to be used as a decent function.


For those un-aware of how people took pictures of themselves before smartphones and selfie sticks, there were Polaroid cameras and photobooths. Given that some modern photobooths do allow you to post directly to Instagram these days, this one isn’t as much pointless as it is a retro version of something people are actually doing now:


I can imagine the lamentations if arcade collectors came across a Donkey Kong converted to this gem of an experience:


Not to take away from the joke here but a lot of modern arcade titles still use Windows XP 😛


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