Eleetus Announces Availability of Project CARS For Their ‘Motorsport’ Motion Platform

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We have covered motion simulator companies before, generally due to their presence at tradeshows like IAAPA. At previous IAAPA events, one US-based company by the name of Eleetus has shown off their equipment for commercial buyers to grab and they are in the news with some new software for their hardware platform. That hardware supports either racing or aviation software, with appropriate changes in the controls depending on the setup. They also support both residential and commercial sales; for residential this becomes something like a super cabinet for specific PC games.

Eleetus Motorsport Setup

A list of games for the Motorsport model can be found here, which includes a number of popular home racing games like GRID, Colin McRae’s DiRT series, F1 2010-2013,  a Need For Speed title and more. Now they have another big name to add to that repertoire – the popular Project CARS. To promote that addition, the company issued the press release you’ll find below.  HOWEVER, it should be noted that most titles are currently available for residential use only and at the moment that includes Project CARS. I asked about what is available and the response I received was: “Current titles available with commercial licenses include iRacing, rFactor, and rFactor 2.

While I am not certain how much these particular units go for, comparable units from other companies tend to fall between the $20k-$60k range. What are your thoughts on these kinds of motion simulators?

Here is a promo video to show how the Eleetus units work:

Press release:


January 14, 2016

Eleetus™Simulator Introduces Project CARS to Motion Compatible Library

(Ottawa Lake, MI ) — Eleetus, an innovative company specializing in multidimensional motion-based gaming and entertainment has just incorporated Slightly Mad Studios racing graphics in the Eleetus simulator to take realistic simulation to the next level. Project CARS is the latest addition to Eleetus Simulators library of motion compatible software.
This new addition now allows racers of the Eleetus simulator to engage in cutting edge graphics as users can zip around 35 unique locations in any one of the 94 available vehicles. Users of Project CARS are able experience the life of a professional racer through a solo career mode or play against their friends in an online multiplayer modes. The authentic racing experience does not stop there, Project CARS also gives its users the ability to race in all kinds of weather at any time of day.
Wilson Bales, Head of Research and Development is thrilled for the new addition to the Eleetus Simulator. “Project CARS delivers one of the best racing experiences available. The level of graphical quality is the highest among all motion enabled titles in our library, and the driving physics are incredibly satisfying”,” said Wilson Bales.
Project CARS, Gamespots Best Racing Game of 2015,  is the most realistic, dazzling, intense and technically-advanced racing game on the market.  Managed, certified and approved by a wistful community of racing fans and real-life drivers, Project CARS is the epitome of the next-generation of racing simulation gaming. In combination with The Eleetus Racing Simulator, Project CARS will provide its users with the most realistic visual component of simulation, while the Eleeutus Racing Simulator will make the user feels every bump as they become fully immersed in the rich racing environment.
About Eleetus
Eleetus Simulators is based in Ottawa Lake, Michigan and Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. Eleetus is moving the world of gaming into motion platform enhanced play, as well as motion-based entertainment and education.The Eleetus Simulator has commenced distribution in the United States and Canada. For more information on Eleetus Simulators please click here

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