BayTek Games Acquires Skee-ball Amusement Games

arcadehero February 23, 2016 0
BayTek Games Acquires Skee-ball Amusement Games

When it comes to fixtures in the amusement/arcade industry, Skee-ball is certainly up there, having sold their legendary Skee-ball machines beginning in 1914.  While that type of game is supposed to be known as an alley roller, most people only know them as “skeeball machines” since they set the standard for that style of game since long before video games existed.

At IAAPA 2015 there were ‘rumors’ flying around that long running amusement company Skee-Ball Amusement Games was up for sale and was going to be bought out. While such rumors had been bandied about at previous trade shows, they seemed to be a little more intense this time around. As of today the rumors are true as amusement manufacturer BayTek Games has announced that they have acquired the company.

Additional info offered on Facebook:

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As you can see there, they have already rebranded their Fireball Fusion game to say Skee-ball, so there won’t be any confusion there…overall it is nice to see that the game is now “officially” with the times.

Also it is worth noting that BayTek has also announced that they have released their videmption title Gridiron Blitz to the market today. Given that Dave & Busters had this on test for a while, it felt it had already been released so it is good to get confirmation.

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