New Locations: The Funky Feather (AL); Jedi Alliance (WA); Buzzbin Arcade (OH)

arcadehero February 24, 2016 0

We’ve got more arcade location news for you to enjoy, with an odd twist on one of them. Thanks to Michael Louie for the tip on the latter two locations. Let’s get to it:

The Funky Feather FEC in Arab, AL – this new Family Entertainment Center has opened their doors in Arab, AL this month. The primary focus for this venue is on their laser attractions including a 3,000 sq. ft. laser tag arena and a Lazer Frenzy maze by Creative Works but there is very little information on the arcade games they offer. So far I only caught a claw machine and a basketball machine – so they have something in that regard at least. [TheFunkyFeather Website]

Jedi Alliance in Spokane, WA – This is the “oddball” one, in that it is a combination of a comic book, toy store, and an arcade all billed as a church using a Star Wars theme. In part that is because they are setup in a former church and are only open on Sundays. However their Facebook page does bill them as a “Religious Organization”. Ran by two brothers, they have been collecting and preserving arcade games for 20 years, offering a number of arcade and pinball machines for patrons to play. They have a collection of over 140 games but aren’t able to offer all of them at the venue – what they have includes games such as: Donkey Kong Jr., Galaxy Pinball, Heavy Metal Pinball, Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat 4, Operation Wolf, Pole Position II, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Six Million Dollar Man Pinball,  X-Men and much more (I can only glean this from the few photos they have of the arcade on their Facebook page). Also read about them at this article from the


UPDATE: Thanks to Nathan Brand, here is a video of the location as well as a link to a different article about the location.

Buzzbin Arcade in Canton, OH – This is actually not ‘recent’ in terms of opening this month – they opened last year in April 2015. But we missed the news until now so no harm in being a little late. This article at the Cantonrep details their history while they are mainly a pinball-focused location. While a few video arcades are mentioned, they have sixteen pinball machines to enjoy including: Elvis, KISS, Metallica, Monopoly, Nightmare on Elm Street, Pistol Poker, Rocky & Bullwinkle, South Park, Star Trek (Stern), Tales from the Crypt, The Simpsons, The Sopranos and more. They plan on expanding the number of tables offered and as soon as they get a liquor license plan on offering adult beverages. Their Facebook page can be found here.


We wish the best of luck to these locations and as always, if you find yourself nearby one of them, go and check ’em out!

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