Big Buck Wild 2016 Update Rolling Out April 1st

arcadehero March 28, 2016 0

When Play Mechanix launched the “Wild” update for their Big Buck HD games, it was stated that there would be updates in 2016 and 2017 to help keep the game fresh. Owners of the game often see patches given to the game to correct bugs or offer other minor changes but these annual updates offer much more. In 2015, the first new animal added to the game was the extinct Irish Elk and as of this Friday, players will be able to enjoy the added content of the Big Horn Sheep on the game.


Per the official company line, here are more details:

In 2015, Big Buck HD WILD brought you the Irish Elk Adventure and In Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead! On April 1st, the Majestic Bighorn Sheep is charging into Big Buck HD. Experience new treks, new adventures, and NEW bonus games. Take your shot at pesky pigeons, mischievous lawn gnomes, and zip lining frogs to test your sharp shooting skills. If your machine is already online, sit back and wait for the clock to strike midnight for your FREE content to download! You’ve been waiting and the time is almost here for a brand new Big Buck HD adventure! Happy Hunting!

As it mentions, all you need is an online enabled Big Buck game and it will become available Friday. For offline units that purchased the “3 year kit”, I believe it unlocks based on the timer. When I tested out the Wild software back in 2014, it bhornsheep_buck_idleactually had Bighorn Sheep and Gemsbok on it, along with a number of bonus games that were all removed when the Irish Elk and Zombies update hit. Unfortunately I did not realize that those pieces were going to be removed at the time so I didn’t study them in detail to see what changes would be made to them. Here’s my review of the last Big Buck Wild update in case you are interested. Still, the presence of a new animal and more bonus rounds should provide loyal players of the game something to enjoy. What are your thoughts about this update?




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