New World Record For Donkey Kong Arcade; Upcoming attempt on The Pit

arcadehero April 19, 2016 2
New World Record For Donkey Kong Arcade; Upcoming attempt on The Pit

We don’t cover world record attempts very often (with streaming there are too many to keep track of unless you made a job out of it) but some are higher profile than others, especially when one in particular had a documentary made about it almost 10 years ago, that being Nintendo’s Donkey Kong. Since the King of Kong made headlines, various other attempts have been made at the world record, big tournaments have been organized surrounding the game, drama has occurred between players with accusations flying over various things that I don’t care to get into, all in the effort to push that top score higher. Last night the bar was raised once again with gamer Wes Copeland coming away with the new record of 1,195,100 points (the screen doesn’t show the digit for million since the score rolled over after 999,999):

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The attempt was streamed on Twitch and I imagine it will be posted to Wes’s Youtube channel soon. Congrats on the new score, that is not an easy feat.

Upcoming WR Attempt on Centuri’s The Pit (thanks to Casey G. for the tip on this) – I received a link about an upcoming world record attempt on May 1st for a game that is vastly more obscure than Donkey Kong, Centuri’s The Pit. While not many people are familiar with the game, they are familiar with the concepts that it pioneered in subsequent games like Digger, Dig Dug or Boulder Dash. It is a very challenging game and currently has a world record of 165,000 points. More info can be found on this thread at the KLOV Forums. James Hudson will be making the attempt, which you can watch live on Youtube on May 1st:



  1. K.F April 23, 2016 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Wow that’s not an easy achievement, I just watched his Donkey Kong jr vid the guy has stamina lol

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