The Void Bringing Ghostbusters:Dimensions to Out-Of-Home VR

arcadehero May 9, 2016 0

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Here’s a story that is spreading like wildfire across the internet, which seems to be the case with anything VR related lately. As I’ve told people, don’t go into it expecting Star Trek’s holodeck as that is not exactly what you are getting. But given the high cost of entry into the tech, out-of-home venues need to strike now while the iron is hot to carve out their places. As such here’s the news:

Ghostbusters: Dimensions VR Coming To New York


When I visited The Void VR Test facility near Provo, UT this past November, I came away with a mostly favorable impression of the experience, it being the most convincing VR setup I have used to date. During that visit, the CEO mentioned that one of their first setups was being planned for New York City but he didn’t get into anymore detail than that. Today news hit that the first commercial installation of The Void will open up at Madame Tussads New York and it will be based on the popular Ghostbusters franchise with Ghostbusters: Dimensions. From the teaser below, it appears to be based on the upcoming Ghostbuster remake. Here is the teaser video:

One aspect of this that will really work is that The Void technology uses a pack where the PC controlling the headset is worn by the user, so you feel it on your back. Walking into The Void’s arena feels a lot like laser tag in that regard. That easily translates over to Ghostbusters, where you are also supposed to be wearing a Proton pack, although what the The Void offers is far less cumbersome. As long as the targeting is spot on (something that was being actively worked on when I visited) then this will certainly end up being a popular attraction. What are your thoughts on out-of-home VR experiences like these?

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