Stern Officially Unveils Batman 66 Pinball

arcadehero October 13, 2016 1

Not long ago it was announced that Stern Pinball would be celebrating their 30th anniversary by also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic TV show Batman. Today the company has unveiled the game in great detail on Facebook. Let’s check out it out and comment

Batman 66

Let’s start off with a few pictures then some comments. First, the flyer that was unveiled a short time ago.


As we unveiled, Eugene Jarvis developed many of the animations and sound that is featured in the game. For students of pinball history, Eugene got his start in the business by programming Atari pinball machines, where he pioneered certain sound techniques.

There are 3 versions (left-to-right): Super Limited Edition, Limited Edition and Premium. The SLE’s have all been privately accounted for so if you didn’t get in on that action, it’s the other two.


The playfield art has deep color and multi-color RGB leds.


Hurray, the first Stern game to feature a full color LCD in the backbox. I had thought they would keep the form factor the same as the DMD but instead they are using what looks to be a 16:9 screen.


The game features toys like the Batmobile and the BatCopter.


The topper for the LE versions (not the Premium). It appears from the pics that this also has a projector built into it that will shine the Bat symbol onto your ceiling.


The crane is similar to the one used in Stern’s 2008 Batman pinball game, now controlled by The Penguin; on the left you can see a 2nd LCD screen that is on a “Villain Vision” TV set. The different villains you play against will taunt you from there. They also have you play through the 3 different seasons of the show.


For the full album, check it out on Facebook here.

Video Of the “Super Limited Edition”

It’s better to see these games in action, here is the Facebook video. If it doesn’t play for you below, here is the direct link.

[fb_pe url=”” bottom=”30″]

What are your thoughts on this release?

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