Stern Pinball Re-Issuing AC/DC

arcadehero May 19, 2017 0
Stern Pinball Re-Issuing AC/DC

While it wasn’t Stern’s first “rock band” outing, AC/DC pinball has proved to be one of their biggest hits. Released in 2012, I’ve often heard that the game sold like crazy in Australia (for good reason) but demand for it has continued to remain high. Re-issues are not terribly common for the company; I personally wish that they would give TRON Legacy another run but I imagine that pales in comparison to the demand that AC/DC has enjoyed.

To fulfill that demand, Stern has announced that they are bringing the game back in it’s Pro and Premium forms. That keeps the Limited Edition limited; likewise for the LUCI Premium model that they did in 2014. This is for a limited time of course, aimed to fulfill demand that distributors are seeing for the title.

Here’s the LUCI model among some others that I captured on video back in 2014; which Stern game would you like to see re-issued if they went for it?

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