Spooky Pinball To Debut Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle At The Texas Pinball Festival

arcadehero January 22, 2018 0

If you are a fan of Spooky Pinball and their “boutique” (and limited release) table designs, then their next game will soon be available to play. Announced as a part of a 16 second teaser trailer, Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle will be appearing at the Texas Pinball Festival on March 16th – 18th.

Held in Frisco, TX every year, the event brings together some big names in pinball and tends to attract some ‘first time’ reveals of new pinball products. You can check out the main website for TPF here.

The Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle Teaser Trailer

Since it is a quick teaser, there isn’t much that we get to see of the new game but it is better than nothing. The website describes the game thus:

“Limited to 500 units, this game is an over the top loaded pinball horror adventure game fit for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend… explore Alice’s monster filled castle as you battle your way to defeat the master himself. “

The core idea is similar to what was done with Spooky’s Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International, in that it develops more of theme around the rocker and their persona as opposed to just pulling an element here and there from a few of the band’s songs.

The table does have molded castle fixtures that a wire ramp grows through; an LCD screen with animations & comic book style artwork as pictured above; selectable Monster Modes (when lit); molded toys with back-lighting (such as the rock skull) – and certainly much more.

What do you hope that Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle will have in store?

[Spooky Pinball Website]

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