Newsbytes: Kraut Buster Unboxing; Billy Mitchell Musical; Galaxian Fever; 1cc’ing Scarlet Dawn

arcadehero February 9, 2019 3
Newsbytes: Kraut Buster Unboxing; Billy Mitchell Musical; Galaxian Fever; 1cc’ing Scarlet Dawn

Well today is a busy Saturday, mainly because we had the new locations post this morning and now we have some newsbytes to get to.

Kraut Buster Unboxing

Arcade Belgium got their hands on the new Kraut Buster MVS arcade kit, and posted an unboxing about it on YouTube. Enjoy!

Musical Stage Production ARCADEFIRE! Tackles The Billy Mitchell Saga

If you can’t go a day without The King of Kong in your life, and you live in the Indianapolis area, then you are in luck. A musical comedy has been put together to tackle the recent controversy surrounding classic pro gamer Billy Mitchell. This flyer sums up the details; I imagine if it does well, then other theatrical companies will offer it in their area as well. Thanks to Sid Seattle for the tip.

Galaxian Fever Sighting

Thanks to Sara for pointing this one out to me on Twitter; I’d never heard of it before. In Japan this is called a Medal game; here it’d be a “Quick Coin” videmption title. Insert the coins into the gun, point it at the virtual targets to blast them. By one of the pics, this is copyright 2000; Did it ever show up in the states?

Sega Pop-Up Book Prototype:

Quick update for backers of the Sega pop-up arcade cabinet book. Coming along nicely…

Getting a 1CC on Scarlet Dawn

We don’t hear about 1 Credit Clears (1CC) for most modern arcade games, as present game design tends to prevent the possibility of playing through a game without continuing once or twice (or more). Apparently Sega’s new House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn is an exception to that rule, allowing players to learn it well enough to complete without continues. This video shows how it’s down, along with showing where plenty of secret items are to be grabbed.

That’s all I managed to find this time, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Toby N February 10, 2019 at 5:21 am - Reply

    Amazing seeing a 1CC on a MODERN game. Put the link on LV’s page and credited you. Thanks for that, made my day.

    • arcadehero February 13, 2019 at 10:11 am - Reply

      No problem Toby, thanks!

  2. arcades4ever February 10, 2019 at 11:17 am - Reply

    I remember galaxian fever from years and years ago at Namco wonderpark Sheffield and I have a photo of it somewhere which I’ll dig out. The one I played was the same as this but you shot metal balls.

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