Stern Pinball Teases The Mandalorian Pinball

arcadehero May 4, 2021 0
Stern Pinball Teases The Mandalorian Pinball

Your rumors are true, as they often can be in pinball land, but earlier today, Stern Pinball teased their next game: The Mandalorian, based upon the Disney+ series of the same name. We’ll apparently have to wait until May 11th to find out all of the juicy details on this one, until then I’m sure plenty of other rumors will be swirling around regarding what is and isn’t going to be included with this one:

Arcade Memories: Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

Since there isn’t much to say about The Mandalorian yet, let’s add in a little more Star Wars to this post, with my latest Arcade Memories video, covering Sega’s Star Wars Trilogy Arcade:

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